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This is a prologue of stories that will feature zneda as our main character in his missions to earn a quick buck or something else.
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Scars Announcement (My Plot)
(Listen, me and Nyan discussed stuff and, he made me realize I didn't have to follow his plot, so I'm doing my own thing with PVZ, don't worry though. Me and Nyan are still friends, but with my stuff it will be different than his plot, my plot will be much different than his as of content and stuff. I hope this will go alright!)
Some plants would be crowded around each other, some hugging as others were wishing them luck. Nyan would notice this as he walked by, soon seeing a massive crowd as Pulse would walk by, wearing a rather space style outfit, she was soon stopped. "What's going on? What's with the crowd?" Nyan asked as he raised a brow, pulse soon looking at him as she stuttered a bit. "S-Scar is going to be recalling a lot of the plants that signed up for the UPDF S-sir, including me." Nyans jaw would drop slightly. "What? When was scar supposed to tell me! I swear I'm going to-" Pulse soon stopped him there by nudging his side with her gun. "Sir! Scar feels like you are old eno
:iconstanthespider:StantheSpider 7 38
Trust in friends.
Over the months, the boatman has met and made friends with a lot of people.
and he has made an official list of amount of trust in the people he met.
Skeeze, 99%. He trusts him completely, except for the time he got shot in head by him.
Cherry, 100% He knows that cherry would do nothng wrong, cause their too depresed.
Nyan, 100%, Over all, you can trust a guy who your trying to impress.
EMB, 97%, he trusts her plenty, its just he doesnt know her much
Rodie weed, 100%, trusts him. cause you ALWAYS, trust in the weed.
Pipezilla, 100%, he knows shes a good person, cause she's great and cringey.
Dragor, 19%, do i have to explain?
The all powerfull one, -100%, NOPE.
ElishebisZPR, 95%, really fine to be honest.
Screwup, 100%, HE KNOWS SHE CARES.
NamelessZea, 89%, after all of the constant wendy complaining, weapon making, and living in a junkyard, hes pretty trust worthey.
Stardustqueen, 99%, got assaulted by a space rose and space mom in one day.
Snarzer, 99%, seems ligit...
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Organization of Young Heroes: Chapter 1 (PVZ)
Scar would tap his foot, the clock on the wall said it was 8:45 in the morning as he waits, soon the loud rumbling of a large armored bus barreled down the road. The bus screeched to a stop as a big figure climbed out of the bus first. "Sammy Breaker, wanted for..." He'd skim through his thick file for Sammy as he reads every single crime he's done, slowly sliding it back into his coat. "Never mind...Next up is-" Jackson soon came out as he looked pumped for this. "Jackson Junkston, wanted for a lot of things, including Arson, grand theft auto, stealing both Z-Tech and Plant Republic vehicles and also have a bit of a bounty on your head from Z-Tech." Jackson laughs as he shrugs. "What can ya say? A WasteLander has to survive some how." Scar sighs as he watches the three young adults climb out of the bus. 
"Riles J. Railing, the notorious "Speedster Mugger", surprised you showed up." Riles shrugs as he walks past scar. "Raster, you
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Things that are a hundred times better than my stuff


Log created: November 1st

July the 20th, 2016. 9PM

" The first of the war was unexpected, I remember the first time when the 1st Halo went into the mixed terrain of the western Australia. A resistance group that ran from the towns to stock up on Perth was causing havoc, Causing rebellions and uprisings that sprung more deaths for the humans than zombies. They couldn't accept their new rulers when everyone else did, those people that did where rewarded, we will get to that later, for now we prepare to take the west from the traitors, they told us to come get them in their land as they where dug in the sand, so we did...."

July the 21th, 2016. 12AM

"I can see the remnants of the city in the distance as the walker I was on slowly walked to the front lines of the enemies. They didn't expect the barrage of fire from out tanks and the rush of soldiers heading towards them. Tho we didn't expect them to release a army of plants at us, i felt bad for the weeds to be honest with the outcome...."

1 Hour later......

" We managed to take 50 per cent of perth, those guys where littered through not the streets, but buildings and alleys, they took every corner to a advantage, but they didn't know what to do when we came in, the appointed 1st halo squadron. We where lead by Helarain, the fearless old women that cracks me up to this day, I Still remember the time she managed to take out the heads of 2 plants with a sword throw, You'd think she would be serious and all, but she was all sweet in reality, just doing what she thought was right.well after smashing the heads of some humans i managed to corner a plant that was scared shitless, a pea of sorts that was begging for mercy, like he saw a gargantuar plow through his regime and was turned white. I decided to spare his life after i saw a tear run through him. He was of course taken to custody, but i think he got the best out of the rest. I recall him still being in prison, or community service, we allowed the building the gardens when supervised during now. Everyone seems to follow"

10 minutes later

" I managed to get back into the fight, helping mop up the remaining resistance, I managed to get a 6 kill streak, the highest as second was 4, he had a bazooka and i had a rifle....I called him Kaxen.....But in the end we managed to take out the remaining, I recall then Helarain congratulating us and saying we where some of the finest soldiers she has saw, i am glad she took the time to teach us a bit before since it saved a lot of us, but in the head we only lost 4% of our squadron compared to the rest sent there, The capture of the leader sent a message to not mess with us, And they didn't."

July 25th 3PM

" I should say that after the massacre on perth, people started to follow us. They first feared us but as it went on they respected us, we helped stationed and defend the area, stopping crimes and saving lives. Soon the balance of power went to helarain. She instated new laws to keep the people happy and civil, she is smart....It helped us have time to rest and train."

August the 30th: Unknown time

" Things seemed to be great after, Helarain issued us as the main force of the Australian authority, there to serve the people of Australia and a defence force of Z tech. We have been equipped with shiny armor that covered our entire body and blazing new toys, both gun, tank and plane which really solidify our selfs as a legion, And the true colors of the first halo are shown, and people praised us what for we done...."

November 1st 8AM

"There was a attack from plants that grew in the indonesian lands, We where ready for a fight after 2 months of boredom,tho things went better when we saw our new general came out to play, Galos was in command of the Pride of hell, his own ship able to cause bombardments and carry troops in quick speeds. But he though it would be best to come out and take the fight to them, We thought his tactics where flawless, he leveled the heads of the plants and we then came out from the side and finished the remain, lets just say we are his fist as it made the shards of the plants shatter into many pieces, many plants ran into hiding after and we are still trying to find the rest, but rest be to sure that we will find the rest, captured alive or dead. Tho i wonder if the zombies at USA are having better luck with their problem...."



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During the time in night, near the side of the road that was
a bit away from the city, zneda was currently dragging a tangled plant spy, a peashooter at that as it was tangled in some rope, he waits for his ship to come by to pick him up.
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Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner Edited May 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Incoming Transmission from the Plant Republic* Nyan: "Hey, Lazerrik and Zneda, on behalf of the Plant Republic, I got something for you..."
POT Carrot Cruiser
"Remember that little dirty job you did taking away my innocent pilot for a few cents? We do to... and we got something that will correct you granted you two show your gold digging selves in our country ever again. Oh, and don't bother looking for them. You will never find them, but they will instantly find you. Sure, you gave our Pilot a trinket, and sure, you let her go after Zomboss couldn't pay his due, but you two made the fatal mistake of messing with the world's last hope in the first place. Because you had the decency to let her go, I will let you go out of the Plant Republic's portion of the USZ within 24 hours before things get much worse. If you ever show your ship or yourselves without a white flag clearly shown in our territory wishing for a comprimise, you pirates will be gone. We're waiting."
Snarzer Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
(This time, I want my characters to be in full control of my will for their fates)
*later on a transmission was sent back*

Lazerik: "you think a oversized carrot scares me? You do know if you fire that you can scare so much people with nuclear warfare! Also you forget that a nuke isn't fast enough to catch something at hyper speed and takes hours to get from one part of a country to another. Your nuke won't be able to chase down a space ship!" Lazerik laughed a bit." You also just showed us important information we can just transmit to zomboss to show your next showing. How much of a idiot can you get?" He grunted." But if you look for a compromise, maybe with some credits I could be persuaded to leave...... or maybe take someone out of your choosing"

*zneda was in the background,powering up the engines as he heard everything*
Nyanbonecrush Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(Assuming Zneda's at the wheel, whats his next move?)
Snarzer Featured By Owner May 29, 2017
( basically jump into hyper space and get to another planet if he detects a nuke nearby)
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